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When I used to be the chairman of my hometown traditional powwow, I made sure that every drum that showed up received $500 a piece, as I know how hard and expensive it is to travel to a powwow for a whole drum group and their family. Of course the host and guest drums would receive a considerable amount on top of this, but they were the host and guest drums and needed to be treated as such. For many years now, I have lobbied and advocated the need for powwow committees to look at the issue of taking care of our drums and singers. Competition powwows are a little different but they still need to make sure that all drums are somehow honoured.
Competition powwows are fun and I and my fellow singers are always up for a contest even though we don't always place. It is just so exciting to sing from your heart and try your best. Some competition powwows nowdays, are offering a singing contest with a drum split for those drums that don't place.This is the most reasonable scenario as singers need to be respected and looked after as they have been taken for granted alot over the years.
Humility is certainly a trait that was once considered being part of a singer but now days it is hard to find. I'm certain that most singers sing because of their hearts but in reality, the drums need to be taken care of financially as well as wholistically.
As for the issue of how a drum splits up their honorarium, thats another topic that should be discussed.
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