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Originally Posted by Zambo
Well my friend is half white-half Dine/Comanche/Apache/Cherokee, really he looks to most folks like a blue-eyed white dude with a very good tan, anyway I was talking to him one day and asked if he would try to enroll and join the Navajo nation.
He told me no and said that he didn't want to he wasn't a indian and didn't care just as few days ago he said that the culture and costoms everything is weird to him, this was confusing to me because I acknowledge every single group I am no matter how small little I claim
black/white/NDN/Creole/hispanic and wear it as a badge but he could care less. I finally got him a book called The References of South-West Indians I am trying to get him to read more books get in contact with his grandmother who by what I heard tried to keep tradition (she even made him two cradleboards).

Anywho I want to know what I can do, or what books I should get to get him into his culture
You know what I am an example of this case, My Best friend Cody told me that I should start dancing and enroll into Mohawk nation I am white and that was my choice of not enrolling I am now an acomplished grass dancer just not enrolled in Mohawk nation, so get him out there and take him to some good pow-wows and gatherings let him live the culture and make sure he has indian fry bread and im sure he will come around and what to join in all the fun and good times, I hope this helps,
Brian WhiteDeer
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