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cuz you are disrespecting us by thinking u know what u are doing! thats why. the ndns u met here that think its ok for anybody to suit up and dance and/or sing, are prolly some new age friggin cherokee from viginia. (lotsa legit ndns there)
What if there was a "white" person there who DID know what they were doing? Maybe they had Indian ancestors or something. Maybe they have worked very hard to learn the dance steps. Would you have a problem with them? The ones who don't know what they're doing, but think they do bug me, too, and I look white, for goodness sake. Sometimes during intertribals and round dances, I join in for the fun and good times. I'm learning the fancy shawl dance...but I am humble enough to recognize that thus far I stink at it, and need to practice more before even TRYING it in public. You know? So I know where you're coming from on this. But I just wanted to point out that some white people are truly genuine about their love of the culture, and yearning to find out more about who they are. Not all of them are just trying to play Indian.

the powows u dont feel comfortable at are probably powows that are run correctly and frown upon wanabees.
*nods*Those they think are wannabees, at least...if I didn't have reason to believe I have indian blood, and if my heart didn't tell me that I needed to return to the culture that my grandparents shunned, in fear of persecution, then you can bet I wouldn't be at powwows, trying to learn all I can. I'm not a wannabee.

everybody is welcome at a powow, just dont think you "belong" there with an outfit on, or sittin at some crazy a$$ drum. stand on the sidelines, gaze at the indins, and pay the folks u take pictures of.
I wear moccasins and street clothes to powwows...and I don't sit at a drum pretending to know what I'm doing. I attend as a respectful spectator...

and i know, alot of people are nice here, but whoever knows me, knows i'm nice as long as u know yer place. u dont see me coming to bowling league telling you how to bowl.
You're saying indians should stand on the sidelines and gaze at the white people bowling and pay them to take pictures? Because that's where your logic is taking you...most white people who attend powwows are there to learn. Most of them have not grown up in Indian culture. So I think it would be fair to say that a white person should under no circumstances tell any Indian how to do anything at a powwow...however, there would be exceptions for some people, I'm sure, like Indians who look white, adopted white people who have grown up in Indian culture, like adopted ones, etc.
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