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if you are truly native, always been native, and know that you are native, then u shouldnt worry about it. the ones whose gramma was a cherokee from pennsylvania and other questionable territories are the ones i'm speaking of. the indians with chiefs that look like friggin mountain men are the ones in question. apply to you?
Well, since it seems you will need to conduct a background check in order to judge me, the answer is no. My great-grandmotherx3 was the last full-blood Cherokee in our family. She was NOT a Cherokee princess, don't even think that's where i'm coming from. lol, I noticed your signature, and I know what you mean...countless people who I went to for advice during my early days of research were just as white as I am, and went on and on about their Cherokee princess grandmothers. It took a trip to the reservation to learn the truth. Anyway, my great-great-great grandmother's people were from the Smoky Mountains. They migrated to Tennessee several years before the 1830's (Trail of Tears era). It is for this reason they are not found on the Baker roles. They renounced their American Indian-ness, and our family has grown up without a clue about anything Indian since. I heard a few stories from my grandmother, and decided to start researching about our family.

My greatx3 grandparents on my paternal grandfather's side were Muskogee Creek, according to my Georgia relatives, but I have yet to investigate this claim further.

At this point, I don't really know what I am. Thankfully, there are many supportive people around me who are helping me found out who I am...but right now, I really don't know.
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