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Originally Posted by Blackbear View Post
What that would mean for me? What it means for me is that if you are naive of skarure ways, then that means I gotta go around correcting the wrong information that southern band likes to post all over. Or wrong information anyone puts out.

It's not my sole purpose nor something I seek out, but when it pops up where I happen to be, you bet your hetcheh I'll correct it.

I'm not some sad, naive little girl like you say. Now you DO sound like Marilyn herself. If you are, then you are in the wrong place once again. People here know me well.

I love how this small handful of you guys down there like to try to make themselves sound worldly and wise like some movie version elder telling me how I can know nothing about Skarure when I was born and raised it!

I was'nt mad until now. You have audacity to call me non human because I tell the truth? Are you one of these folks who are telling this crap to people there so generation after generation can grow up living a lie?

Is there some reason like embarrassment that you cannot be honest enough to admit to people that the culture did'nt survive there and what has been "revived" is haudenosaunee traditions, not the old tuscarora ways?

That it was'nt even the tuscarora in NY that brought you your ceremonies and dances but it was some mohawk guys with warrior society connections? Is that why you like to tell people it's always been there because if they know the truth then it makes you look less legitimate? How about the rumours that these folks had to be paid to teach it to you all?

That's the only reason I can see. I don't have respect for people who lie to make themselves look more "indian". I have a world of respect for those that are honest and won't hold it against them.
no one I know is telling a lie,if you want to speak to culture and what is lost and or found, if the NY tus that you say you are from and know so much, then do you feel less a native / Tuscarora because the white people had to give grants to fund a rebirth of your language, and there is not language projects in all the six nations to give a rebirth to languages the way one learns spanish now is being used by oneida and others, so are you going to tell all of these people that they are faults people for re-learning their culture/language. The same problems exsist in all the areas of Indian country . Look at your own home base first before you try to correct others. If all the cultrue was intact in the north why are there classes to bring about a re-growth of culture in the north. There are many projects too teach culture lost in the north so it is fine for people in the north to re-leran or learn culture biut no one else . oh I did not know that.

thank you for your time. we can agree to disagree
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