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hello guys...I have been lookin for this topic fo a few days now as I thought I could lend a hand here...

been makin' sticks for many throughout the years...

You can order drumstick kits from with instructions. I order their graphite drumstick rods and add my own from there and always a few on hand so that I can continue to make them and pass them on as gifts. They are available in northern and southern lengths.

I start with contact cement and either use yarn or blanket materials for the fill of the head and the handle. For yarn, a layer of contact cement and a layer of carefully wrapped yarn, a layer of contact cement and a layer of carefully wrapped yarn...I shape the head and the handle as I go by carefully wrapping the yarn. I then finish by tying off the yarn good with a few half hitches I think.

The blanket wrap is also a layer of contact cement and a continuing wrap of blanket material, contact cement and blanket... however, there is more freedom to shape the stick with the yarn.

I then cover the head with a carefully wrapped layer of electrical tape that I either take all the way up to cover the stick or not. (depending on whether or not I will be finishing the stick with thread or chainette fringe-this is cosmetic-but appreciated by the recipient)

For the handle, I cover with leather. My handles resemble the shape of a little baseball bat and I begin sewing the end first before I put it on...i then finish it on the stick by sewing with a stitch that looks like what you'd see on a baseball... use sinew and a glovers needle.

for the heads, I have used a variety of coverings..fur, faux fur, or leather. When the sewing machine is up I use it and sew them almost all the way down turned inside out and finish it off on the stick with sinew and a glovers needle.

if I am doing one of my fancy wraps, I wrap the stick before the final step of finishing off the heads and handles first-that way the wraps stay put under the ends.

I have done some fancy wraps with threads or chainette fringe. Again, I start with a tacky layer of contact cement and carefully wrap the threads exactly next to each other up the stick. I have made sticks that incorporate the vietnam veterans colors matched an outfit, a drum or just plain looked cool. take a look at a fishing pole and you will see some wrapping styles. That is actually how I got the idea of wrapping them with fancy wraps. I can also do many colors of threads to do chevrons, and starbursts to create a cool looking stick.

And then again, electrical tape comes in many cool colors...

I think as with all crafts, the more time you take in considering construction the better off you will be.

Some have brought me sticks to make made of wood but I don't know what kind it was, I just honored their request and made them the stick they wanted.

they must hold up pretty good as I see them sticking around and being used.

And I have seen the heads come off out there in the arbor-not the end of the world and usually gets a few sounds of laughter into the next push up! I like to hear that laughter from the arbor coming out in a song once in a while, it is good to hear you guys out there havin a good time!

I hope I have been able to help someone.
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