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Osiyo supergirlie_fancy1!! That would be awesome. A friend told me since this is the first dress I ever made.....well first of any clothing i made that I should make a practice one out of cheap matieral so that i don't waiste and ofthe good material. Then I could use that for my pattern which makes alot of since to me.

Once I do this Then I will go and buy the things I need. there is a place here that sells the rolled cones which is a good thing for me.
You said you live a half an hour away thats not to far at all. Do you live north or south of us? I have a friend in Cloque that her niece helped teach my daughter how to jinge some. I have to say she was very scared but after a while she was going for it. Right now she only knows a basic step. I am trying to teach her to go with the beat of the drum. he he she is stuck on a fast beat. I have her practice jumping up and down so her leggs get some strength in them....what do you think of this and do you think it will will work? Do you have any other ideas that will strengthen her leggs. WE have a Little Otter tape that we got from a pow wow on the Milli lac Rez. I love it I go to sleep listening to this.
Well let me know. Wado, Wally
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