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Hi all....

Many Gourd dance songs sound very similar to each other. What I mean is, the leads are very similar at the very least. For example, the "Grandfather" song, which is fairly widely known--there are at least 3-5 more songs with that same lead, as well as other similarities. What has helped me has been to learn these songs in sets, i.e. slow, slow-medium, medium fast, and fast. This helps especially when the lead comes around to you and you have the wherewithall to know how the set is flowing. You can easily pick out a song from a respective set of songs that fits in. "Planning ahead" is also an option I guess, but what if, like you said, someone leads the song which you were "planning" to lead? That's when having a working knowledge of the songs comes in handy. As far as position of seating goes, that's generally up to the head singer. If you're at a drum where "seating doesn't really matter" (which is very rare, I might add, when you have a good head singer), then I guess it would be beneficial to sit closer to the head singer; that way, there is less of a chance that someone will "take your song". From personal experience, I'm just getting there. Gourd dance songs, at least for me, have been somewhat harder to lead than other songs. Finally, I'm getting to the point where I am somewhat comfortable singing them. Learning the songs, and learing when they need to be sung with in the set and within the Gourd Dance is "KEY" to being a good singer. I'm no expert, but this is what I have learned over the few years that I have been singing, and I hope it helps!


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