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Originally Posted by suthernwaterbird View Post
This is a complicated situation especially if you were there since the beginning of the dance, sitting with the head singer. But consider you have an obligation to help the head singer. NOW what? It's different if you just come out to the drum to help out, and weren't asked.Then it would be appropriate to excuse yourself. But I was asked in this situation. I just kept peaceful thoughts in my head, and helped that one person sing, just as I helped anyone else sitting there. It helps if you can ignore their smart remarks and azzhole stares, and ESHOP stories they come up with. I dealt with it, didn't think of anything bad about them. Kept myself thinking positive, remembered WHY I was there. Not always that easy though...
well you know who i've sat with so you know my situation, and being on of the more experienced singers with that drum i feel like its my responsibility to the younger singers to teach them right, and teach respect for others at the drum and more importantly the drum itself, there's no place for negative energy at a drum, like i said you been 'round and i think you've seen me do it too......i'm a firm beliver in energy that comes from each and every individual, even the ones that sit behind the drum.....suthern knows who i'm talkin bout
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