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Originally Posted by nativeproud View Post
wado again, Bvr Wmn said that any steps are fine. I just got a private massage from someone who says there are certain arm and leg movements that have to be followed. who is right?

There is no arm/leg movement you have to follow.

Yes, the slow style smoke dance is like old style WASASE'. For WASASE', you would would imitate old war movements. But for smoke dance you don't have to!!!!
Do whatever you think looks good.

For, women the only time we have arm/leg movements is for ceremonial esganye. then there is pounding corn, rocking the baby, picking berries, etc.
But again not for smoke dancing.

Everyone needs to remember this is a CONTEST DANCE.
We haudenosaunee do not do this ceremonially at our longhouse. Nor do we do it at our socials. It is purely for SHOW.

So go out and show us your best moves.
onodowa'ga:' gal
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