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Raptor - that reminds me of a time when a person asked me about Peyote beading on a stick. He wanted to bead over the end of the stick. To close it off. It took me about a half hour to flat stitch a rossette to fit the end of his dance stick and get him started on the linear part of his pattern.

I forgot about that as a method of Rosette making.

I have also seen some Old Time Sioux style Rosettes that do a spock type of design. Using more of a Lazy Stitch type of look. Working outwards like spocks on a wheel. The first section is one bead row wide. With 6 or 8 beads to the row in this section of area. The next section is two bead rows wide. With 6 to 8 beads to the row in that section. You keep adding an extra row to each section, as you work your way towards the outside of the piece.

With this though the backing material shows through as the spocks seperate on the outer part of the certain section. Reminds me of a ferris wheel type of a look.

I think this was used more as a Medallion then a Rosette, I guess. I have never tried this though.

Just another way things were done, I guess.

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