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Kiwehnzii, I feel for you I have heard so much of what you are talking about when it comes to our beliefs and I always say what makes your religion better than mine, Im not the one going around telling others how to believe and sometimes I just want to slap them lol good thing for patience hey lol. When I lived in Tenn I actually had people tell me that the Indians are all dead so how could I say I was indian my eyes just about fell out of my head I couldnt believe people really thought the indians where all dead what is that about lol. I am not sure what it is worse to look like I just know that it took me alot of years not to be ashamed of my white looks and the fact that I was a part of the race that did so much wrong to our people sometimes I still have to remind myself that not all of the whites tried to get rid of the indians but they did try and learn thier ways, so i guess as with any race we have a bad and our good. thank you for your response littleowlwings
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