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Thank you!

I justed wanted to take a few moments to say Thank you for your replies. As I read through them, and I am taking in what everyone is saying...It gives me thoughts and feelings of joy. I really appreciate everyone's opinions and thoughts. I never know that there could be so many of my own Native American People that felt or have went through the same things as myself, if not more. I love the fact that every one is so honest with me, I am truly honored by that. I do apologize that I have not been replying as I should to your comments. I have very limited access to the internet. I do try to get on as much as possible to as least read the replies. I really have a new look on things now. Of course my family is going to be by my side 100 percent all the time, it is all of you that has given me the confidence and the uplifting that I feel we all need sometimes. Thank you again. Please feel free to continue to post replies for I will check and reply as much as I can.

May the Creator walk beside you always.

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