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Cool eagle KILLER

Originally Posted by Paul G View Post
In a recent story by the Wall Street Journal Eddie Benally, a Navajo conservation officer was quoted as saying that "Powwows are the biggest killer of eagles".

You can read the article here, reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Powwows' Popularity

While supports all Eagle feather policies and regulations, we are interested in hearing your thoughts on this story.

Please see information about our support of Eagle feather policies:

Are Pow Wows causing an increase in the sales of Eagle feathers?

Is there a "Black Market" for feathers and birds?
well first of all you need to take a look at the tribes that are getting involved in these pow wows before you start blaming. That's where you'll find the EAGLE KILLERS. I get my eagle from the migratory act. I use them for traditional purposes ONLY! I respect this bird and we use his feathers to carry our prayers. Ask for permission from the elders before making or putting on an outfit. Now days it is just for money and not for your spiritual healing . that's all
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