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chickendad, thank you for your response, it is nice to hear others that say it is what is inside instead of on the outside. I have thought of doing the dna test but then I think if the family tree papers and other things we have doesnt count as proof then the dna test isnt going to make much of a difference. I still think it is sad that those of us without the card or the native look are questioned about what we are or get called want to be Indians. Today I had to smile because someone came up to my sister and had to ask her how is it that I can be so traditonal in my beliefs and the way I live and how do I have a son like I do. My sister told the person it isn't from a lack of tring to teach him. In one way it hurt because my son should reflect me and in another it made me see that the elders and others that have seen me see me as someone triing to live the traditional ways of the people. So again thank you and May Spirit watch over you and yours. Littleowlwings
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