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Originally Posted by Cuetzpallincihuatl View Post
June 4, 2007. Mexico-Tenochtitlan, The Land of the Aztecs.

Hello, Dear Maskwa,

I was touched by your story... about the registration paper, about being Cree and German... Let me tell you one thing... My Parents, both, are german... white people, but I was born here, in this beautiful land, so I am Aztec, I am an Aztec Indian... I am a white Aztec Indian. Everybody tells me too about my skin, my brunette hair and stuff, my green eyes, whatever, but, I behave, speak, walk, dance, sing, play the flute, and other native indian musical instruments, I wear every day, not only in ceremonials indigenous cloths, moccasins and my sacred feather that gives me Honour and Spiritual Power from our ancestors... I dance with my brothers and sisters Aztec Dances and many others, sometimes the Lakota People come here and dance with us, the Hopi People and all of us are one in Dance and songs, sharing happiness, some of us are whiter or darker, -who cares? -So, My Beloved Sister Maskwa, ignore when some one makes a remark or stares... Just be real, respect others, respect the drums, learn from our ancestors, share your joy, love the Mother Earth, give thanks to The Great Spirit and be proud in the good sense. -Here I am to be your sister and pen-pal. Sincerely, Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.
Maybe I'm missing something? But you sound like a fraud. You admitted both your parents are German. Yet you're claiming your Aztec... what's up with that?

Either you're caucasian... or Aztec... which is it? Don't wish to be something else. It's granted that Germany has a history to be ashamed of, but be proud of what Germany is becoming... be proud to be German eh?
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