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Originally Posted by Furiously-Fancy View Post
There are favorites in every category because certain dancers have paid their "dues" and have proven themselves in the arena time and time again......but as for knowing who would win------I don't think so. Take for example Men's Fancy......Cory Reeder placed @ Julyamsh for the first time ever.He's been there several times and he "tore it up" every time.......but never placed.Furthermore....Nigel Schuyler has never even been to Julyamsh and he got fact I don't know if Nigel has ever been to the NW area. I don't know anyone that could have predicted the exact order of finish for any of the categories.I think it's pretty kewl how out west we're receptive to dancers from other areas.
"Paid their dues." What a ridiculous thing to say. No one in this life should get a free ride. An honest, moral contest judge would know that every powwow should begin with a clean slate; every contest dancer entering the arena should be viewed as an unknown first-time dancer and observed for their dance skills at that particular powwow at that particular time. Of course that is not how it is done. Many judges are dancers themselves, or relatives of dancers, and follow who won where at the previous week's powwow. Many judges want to select popular dancers...just like a high school they too can be part of the "in" the hopes that they too will be picked as a winner at some future powwow. Its the scratch each others back syndrome. I've seen it all over the years. I've even overheard judges and dancers' conversations. Yes, now and then a new dancer places at a powwow...but that is the exception to the rule.
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