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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Except the culture, which is the POINT.

Blood/DNA is already going the way of the dodo, because fractions never increase. Dividing by two offers a number smaller, or equal to, the largest one that you had: as a BEST case.

So here's the deal: if you hold on to blood, you're DONE. It's the only logical conclusion, unless your plan is to exist in forlorn pockets of isolationist existence with inter-bred families and kids featuring three heads. Even that, at best, gets you 100 years.

Or, you can accept that -- as a species -- humans are generally the same and it is what you act/perceive/do (culture!) that defines us. With that, you empower us to live, evolve, grow and continue as what we are.

Blood quantum is a bad, bad deal, man. Don't fall for it. Don't "take the cheese" and get caught in the trap.
That's too naive saying that only culture defines us. Genetics, DNA and history define us too.

Would you be content in 300 years to have every single "native" person in North America to have 1/300,000th quantum of native blood, pasty faced, blonde haired with no cute rezzed out accents?

As wave said... I like diversity. Having it your way in 300 years there'll be only white folk in North America with one half living in condominium housing, and the other half living in rez housing. There'll be no difference between people except an 'adopted culture'.
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