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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Wait. You are seriously advocating that DNA and genetics define us as humans? (Sig Heil?)

Beyond such idiocy, to claim that history is a defining moniker is to be ruled by it. "No thanks."
That's just stupid. It's an unrefutable physical fact - dna groups are different to others. It's what makes us different. I did NOT say 'better' or 'worthy of being sent to the gas chamber' so you can shove your sieg heil comment.

Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
I am asking you to care what somebody acts like, which is MUCH more important.
In this particular issue I'm not talking about the way people act. I'm talking about the differences and diversity that we NEED to keep before we all become one single race through blood dilution (which was the goal of Hitler anyway).

Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
As for a rez'd out accent, it's not cute. It's as shameful as jive. If that's who you want to be...
It's the natural way SOME people talk - they can't help it. I happen to like it. Who's the goosestepping sieg heil'er now?

Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
(Do you expect we'll have reservations in 300 hundred years? There won't be if we follow your half-assed quantum plan, because there won't be enough blood/numbers left to justify their existence! )
How in the blazes did you read that from what I said?

Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
We grow or we die.

It's not complicated.
We dilute too much and culture will die. It's not just natives. In Mauritius where one half of my family are from... the overwhelming majority are Indo-Mauritians and the old mauritian culture and bloodlines are slowly fading because of the Indian contribution.

You need to stop trying to read between my lines because there's no space or hidden message. It's as simple as...

'diversity is a beautiful thing. diversity will die if bloodlines die'.
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