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Can someone explain why were are even discussing a fraction that the gov. assigns in relation to our identity and possibly even a factor on determining who our children marry?

Someone even mentioned earlier a possible scenario.....a person who's quantum is 4/4th's marrying another person who is 4/4th's of another tribe.....and their descendants continuing to marry other 4/4th Natives from other tribes.....can someone tell me what their identity is? Depending on their ancestors tribe and eligibility would determine whether they would even meet the standards for registration of any of the tribes.

Just a suggestion, but maybe instead of passing on the gov. blood quantum system to the next generation, teach them about what marriage means to your community and what it meant to your ancestors, (for instance ~ respect for your in-laws and the behaviors that go along with it).

Let white people worry about their numbers, and we'll worry about retaining our Native values and fighting acculturation.

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