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As for Natives marrying non-natives,,,, I am the product of the marrying of Native and non-native. What is interesting is that Natives have the endency to marry the non- natives who are some way affiliated with another tribal or clan system. I am a mix of Irish (clan), Jewish (tribal) and Lacota (tribal). And what is interesting is that I respond to the call of the Native drums, the Irish pipes, and the Jewish shofar (blowing of the rams horn). It is in my blood,,,in my spirit. And non of these clash one with the other. What is interesting also is that all of these cultures and peoples are ones who have been subject to murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, and relocation. the Natives are not allowed to roam freely as we once did,,but are religated to reservations. the Irish are still a divided peoples where 1/3 are under british occupational forces and under british rule. The Jews have only recently reutrned home after over 1500 yrs of exile and murderous imprisonments and others attempting to literaly bomb them out of existance. We count the Natives of this land as being many tribes and native nations. the Irish count themselvs as many clans. the Jews identify themselvs with thier 12 tribes of Isarel. How can we,,as a people say that we are better than those who also have traveled such a simular path. Fir those who marry outside,,, be it for love and for no other reason. But also for a successful marriage,,,do consider that the outsider is also a person for a tribe or a clan. there is more in common that we all think,,,,,,,,,,thank you.
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