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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
The overwhelming drug/alcohol problems amongst Natives is due to the fact that many Natives abuse drugs and alcohol.

Step one in fixing ANY problem is admitting who causes it. Nobody puts a gun to these fools' head. They choose to use, every day. This is, simply, more "poor me," more "200 years ago," more inability to be accountable...

Nothing that happened 200 years ago causes any rationally intelligent person to abuse substances TODAY. To believe so makes us backwards social wards who still wail at the pleasing of the Great White Father or brands you as irrational.
Dude... are you mostly white? Like with low native blood quantam, was abused verbally by natives and now are bitter? It seems like that.

Nobody's putting a gun to YOUR head to make you be foolish... but you're still doing it.

If you had ANY personal experience of substance abuse in your family, you'd know that choice isn't even a concept for hard substance abusers. Explaining choice to a hard alcoholic or smackhead is like explaining it to a five year old.

You've obviously got low blood quantum and are feeling very touchy about it.

If you want the culture to be important and not the blood and genetics, there is a HUGE market for all things native in Germany . Whole bunch of white people who do it OLD STYLE... WAYYYYYYYY out in the bush, in real teepees, with real deerskin clothes, hunting with bows and arrows... you could always join them. It'd look quite stupid a whole bunch of white people running around in the bush wearing deerskin clothes with feathers in their hair, but that won't matter to you because you care about the culture and not the genetics.
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