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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Okay, I've had enough.

I've tried laying out reasonable arguments for analysis. It appears that threatened-types cannot fathom. So, let's look at things from their perspective and blow this ALL out of the water.

Let's cut to the chase -- which has always been my style -- and front out the ridiculously challenged troglodytes and "genetics warriors." Let's pretend, for just one moment, that quantum is the bomb!

Take a GOOD look at the percentages found within this very poll, as entered by Native people. Do you SEE what it says?

It says that >75% of Native folk don't give a DAMN about dating/marrying Non-Natives.

For those that cannot logically deduce what that means, try crawling out of your pseudo-traditionalist and "genetics hero" (Sig Heil!) fantasy land. Even if you're right -- and you're not -- IT'S OVER. If DNA/genetics are what count, we're already done. Not enough Natives are race-baiting and isolationist fools to further your plans.

Bloodlines, and quantum, WILL get weaker. The universe will continue to evolve. Change will come and the only thing that can/will remain viable is the culture we endeavour to live by/within.

Now, if you must, you can be the "proud warrior" who refused to change his way of life, in 1890, as the world changed around him -- with no hope of the "old way" returning -- in an effort to be some modern day, ridiculous, windmill-tilting, isolationist and forlorn hero: but you better understand something.

That guy died.

And so did the children who were indoctrinated into such determinate thought.

Those that cannot perceive such, who hold to quantum, bray like a-s-s-e-s about an intellectual battle already lost, and beg us to follow them into the vortex of their rabbit hole, are poison.

It's all about the culture, and that frightens them. This is no one's problem but theirs.
aw he's getting all huffy now because people dont see his way of Blackbear stated in a previous thread,zeke only tells people they are wrong ...heres a link to a story that perfectly illustrates what happenes when you follow the zeke way: Metro/Region Section

and um zeke ,can you read??? can YOU SEE what it says??? the poll(at least on my screen) says 59% not 75%...shesssh you cant even quote something properly thats at the top of the same page youre writing on.

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