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Well, I've been gone and beading till I'm blind. Thank you Suzze for your apology.
I don't know but maybe it has to be where I live right now, but the new thing going on with the White teenagers here is something that I hadn't heard of before. I saw a bumper sticker on a jeep that says, "Snow boarding Squaw" and had read it out loud to my self sitting next to my daughter.
She in turn says, "Oh yeah, the kids are into that in school". So I asked her what the Squaw useage was about and she said that the White kids, most of which she says are stoners, say that when they snow board that they are one with their ancestors of the mountains. So I asked, what ancestors and why squaw? She said that what they are referring to is, that although they have NO Native ancestory, they say that it's racist to other races not to be able to claim a heritage that's reserved for NDN's only! So they claim to be Native because they can feel it course through their bodies while high and snow boarding! Ya know, when they feeling one with the mountain!

Need I really say how I wish Whites knew that this is just absurd? But for those who don't know that.....IT'S ABSURD! Be proud of who you are!
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