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Suzze, it's probably about the drugs more than anything else! Lol!
But seriously, when Whites think that NDN's are always high on peyote and that NDN's get over on the government and get to use it without consequence, for the purpose of recreation, there's a problem. I have been told over the years by many young people that, that is why they want to be NDN, cause NDN's get to use the good stuff and just call it religion, har har, wink wink.
Also when you see what's considered Native American art there are typically many elements to that art that are new age and depict a strange mystical picture that makes an "NDN" look like an alien, and not of this world. When you get asked by a White if you can shape shift and can they see you do it, like your an attraction at a carnival, there's a problem! When people think there is some strange mist in the air that follows us or appears around us because we are NDN, it's a problem. When people think that eagles, foxes, wolves, tigers, lions, "Oh My" all flock to us if we sit outside, it's a problem!
I want Whites to know that NDN's "DON'T" run around "high all the time" because it's not our culture to do that. Most don't get high at all for that matter!
I also want them to know that we are normal people just like them except for how we choose to live or believe. That there are cultural differences that they may envy and want to emulate, but that it doesn't make them NDN. It makes it a good way to live, or path to follow, but it doesn't translate into DNA.
I think that people search for meaning in life, and when they find something that translates into family, community, fellowship, purpose, and pride, they want to belong to that. Many cultures have lost those things, which leaves people wanting what they don't have amongst their own. We should be flattered that they see that in us.
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