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Gourd Dance Initiations

Again, let me inform you of this dance and protocols,this dance belongs to the Kiowa (Kauee-goo) through the blessing of God to Red Wolf (Gkuee-goodle-they) the songs and dance came to him through first a vision and then dream and reality by performing to his people with the proper feast that goes with this dance. Which, I don't think the Kiowa's nowadays do this protocol but maybe some do like our family does and always will until the Lord comes to retrieve us. But I think this individual wants to learn how to conduct oneself by entering the arena as a gourd dancer. I see alot of threads about gourd dance and some are true to a certain aspect and then some are just ridiculous. First of all sponsorship is one thing you'll have to seek out and that means you'll have to come to Kiowa country and talk to one of headsmen of the Kiowa Gourd Clan. No other way but the Kiowa way of doing this and yes it may cost you some expense but if your real about this and this is the proper way of doin this. This dance is a Kiowa dance and permission is given only by Kiowa.
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