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Originally Posted by NorthofAda View Post
This is an important lesson for all "newbies" out there to learn!

If you're trying to learn about your people and your traditions because you weren't raised that way, and you have folks that are kind enough to teach you the right way, you should honor them and your ancestors by protecting that teaching - not sharing it with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

I'm still in that learning phase and have met people in my tribe's homeland and online who have kindly shared information about my people's traditions (Chickasaw), and I don't share that stuff with other people, other than my daughters whom I am teaching. There are many tribal-specific ceremonies, stories and traditions that aren't meant to be shared with just anyone, not just because those folks might turn around and "sell" that information or use it for other personal gain, but because they are sacred to the people from whom they come. Some stories aren't just even tribe specific, but family specific, like some creation stories.

Josiah is right about knowledge being power. It is important to learn correctly, from the right people, but be very careful who you share that information with....
another thing my parents taught me...remain teachable!!...I'll always be learning..........
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