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Originally Posted by tworedshoes View Post
In 1956, older Kiowa speaking people were here. I'm a Kiowa man who knew of it's reviving, at that year Kiowa speaking was good. Today, i t's all white man speaking of our Kiowa language. They don't know what they're trying to say. Also, I do not understand the name Kiowa Gourd Clan when Kiowas do not have clans only societies. I belong to the Elk Society and I do know Society Sundance Song.
Sole haw, well spoken and that's right there isn't a name for Kiowa Gourd Clan in our language but Tdiah-pbay-goo, and i too know sundance songs, ton-kon-gaut, sain-tdine-dah, native american church, awl-daw-goon, and just about every song in the tribe, and i'm from the Kinep and Ree band of Kiowas, but who's keeping track? And your right as well there are taw-koys that try to speak our language as well and don't even know what their talking about. Haw-so-law!
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