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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Can you believe it? I guess wonders never cease.

For the record, let's look closely at who posted the original Stanford Law Review article...(rummage, rummage, looking...) it was KiowaKat?

WHAT?!!! [Incredulous.]

(Thanks for the post, Wardancer. I don't get to read KiowaKat's diatribe unless somebody re-posts...)

Let me get this straight: Katherine the Great, preserver of the race/cum tariff supporter to create a monopoly for her "livelihood" (along with disability), has sanctioned a posting that supports MY philosophy, eradicates hers, and -- somehow (any bets?) -- she'll act as if such is "not what she meant?"

Two quotes from the Review:

"Indian is a culture - not a genotype."

"Blood quantum requirements threaten to make enrollment plummet over the next century."

Haven't I been saying this for about 200 posts?

As capitulation to the second windmill KiowaKat always tilts at, next, she'll be endeavouring to solicit funds from individuals citing a "pending" recognition of 501(c)3 status! (Yet using HER address for checks to be mailed...)

Oh, wait, she's already doing that. Am I the only person who has seen those letters?

(sigh) Hypocrite. SHAME.

There's nothing like watching the metaphorical Hindenburg burn, if you've always known it was going to...
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