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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
(sigh) Are Skillet and KiowaKat in a tizzy again?

It's almost worth taking them off the Ignore List, just for amusement...


I'll wait until they have some credibility, which should offer LOTS of time to build my 401k...
LMAO 401k yeah okay like your getting it off from tax payers, for your position as Excutive Director to run an Indian center in Kansas City...good luck!!...btw I heard from real ndns that don't even go to your center cause the way you are, pityfull...(shakes head)

federal recognition for (RED MARK)... 08-28-2007 06:31 PM weak response to a post that calls you out

LMAO call me out?? Zeke your the weak one LMAO
.......I don't have to explain jack nothing to you, all you want to do is break us (St. Louis) ndns down....guess what its not working!!!...try in another part of Missouri.......alot of people know what I'm doing here in St. Louis and your problem is Zeke??....funny how red marks are flyin when Zeke and Tim comes
oh Zeke said I couldn't solicit for pow-wow funds hmmm wonder how everybody else does it, oh right solicit.....
and yes we are pending 501c3 for the ndns here to go and educate, and your problem with this Zeke, oh yeah it wasn't your have been doing this as a community for awhile....and your point is Zeke??
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