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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
From what I understand , it is against the law to solicite funds for something such as a 501c3 , prior to it being approved by the State. It's called fraud.
As far as St Louis is concerned , I was a bit disappointed that you didn't even have the guts to show up to the meeting.....and we know you knew about it. Seems not all the St Louis people feel as you.

HAHAH show up to Zekes hail me, let the wannabe's in meeting. no thanks!!! been to one of those before, and I understand I can't recieve money yet, I'm not stupid LMAO....and yes we are pending for a 501c3 again why are you calling me out LMAO.....oh thats right Zeke needs help with this one, cause he can't figure out how to get to me LMAO......and all St. Louis people that you are talking about are a few non natives, lets see you had a few wannabe's and a few we have our hand out when ever possible city your meeting and you call that a community , you don't even know Tim.

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