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Here's an explanation... this took some careful thinking to write. If you're going to reply 'we don't wanna hear it' don't bother - I know some won't.
Obviously I'm not Indigenous (to North America at least). I'm from England, and know full well the atrocities in Britain's history - I'm not proud of them at all.

I always had a loose sense of right and wrong but never had such strong convictions before I came to Canada. I haven't lived outside the rez at all, and the only time I mix with non-native people is at my office. The people I associate and live with are native so I have a better understanding of native society, and culture than most. The first little while I was on Dalles (our rez) I didn't have any particular feeling one way or another about Canada's history as I knew next to nothing about it (I knew considerably more about American history).

After reading Kevin Annett's report on Canada's Holocaust it was like something switched in me. For a while I considered even going back to England even though I had two children, because I'm just another non-native on Native land. It's not about me being 'pro-native'...or 'a wannabe'. I don't want to be - its as simple as that. It's about a fundamental sense of what's right and wrong. Killing people for what they have isn't right - that's the way I see it.

The two sides are the killers and the killed. The good and the bad. Native and non-native. When I see native people fighting for causes that don't benefit them, or the land they live on and the only people who end up profiting are non-natives... it arouses the feeling in me that it's not right. Natives fought against non-natives for many hundred years, and all of sudden because the non-natives will always have superior military strength over natives, and the blatant murdering has finished... natives are joining to fight with the people who profited from their ancestors murder.

Maybe it is because I'm not indigenous that I can't grasp the concept... I live on a rez, have done for a long time and will be doing for the rest of my life, so I'm trying in vain to understand ALL aspects of my children's culture. This part is the one I keep getting stuck at.

It just seems (to me) there's something wrong with this conversation I had with someone I know below:

Ryan: you're in the military?
Ron: yep - 13years.
Ryan: but the military murdered your people.
Ron: I know.
Ryan: So you're okay fighting for the people that murdered your people?
Ron: yep.

When put in that context I simply can't understand why. I used the comparison of a black guy fighting for the KKK. Sorry if that causes offence but it's the only situation I can think of that's similar.

I am NOT out to offend anyone purposely, but I won't back down when someone attacks me for having conviction in my beliefs or when someone attacks me for the way I phrase a question. I apologise for anyone who might have been offended at the way I phrased questions, but I DID ask for people to provide me with alternate ways and nobody helped. I won't apologise for asking the questions or voicing an opinion.

For the record, and to correct NorthofAda... I do NOT use the word 'douchebag' at all - I haven't called anyone that - it was Zeke referring to me as that.

I'm still asking... someone read that conversation above, and please explain it to me instead of fobbing.

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