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that thread was a witchhunt, was petty, and wasn't mature at all. a few people on this forum greatly offended me by making direct comments about me and the type of person I am (not about my ancestors or the way they do things)... but I still would never have created a thread like that.

it caused anger at first, but then I realised the person could not help themselves so it's not stressing me. But it wasn't that poll that caused me to write this - it was an allegation of using immature American insults that caused me to write this.

There's not much about natives I don't understand... but the two things I don't are the dogged loyalty many abused native women AND men feel towards their abusive spouses... and of course the natives in the military. I asked for people to explain so I could understand something about another culture and people acted like they didn't want to educate. That's stupid. I asked for another way to phrase my questions and still nobody answered. That was stupid. A lot of stupid stuff has been said - not only by me - and I'm hoping this thread will prompt people to explain (of which one person already tried).
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