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Originally Posted by Singing Eagle View Post
Our people have suffered atrocities - that is true. However we have enormous potential to forgive and move on from the past.
That's the part I don't understand - potential to forgive is a great thing once the other side has made amends. How can people forgive someone who's not sorry for what they did?

Originally Posted by Singing Eagle View Post
This person that you know honors the past but moves forward as a warrior defending his home land. As other soldiers, we too are born here and we too have pride in this land. How can we not have willingness to serve when we are called to it?
I could understand if natives benefited from the armed conflicts the U.S enters into but mostly they don't. When the U.S went into WW2, Somalia and Afghanistan, those were the business of EVERYONE regardless of their race or culture. How are natives benefiting from supporting the illegal occupation of Iraq? Still nobody has explained this to me.

Originally Posted by Singing Eagle View Post
Do you hold the past against everyone who ever did anything wrong to your people? If we did we would be the same as those who felt we were inferior - we can move beyond abuse and triumph over those who tried to oppress us. That we are still here is proof.
The way I see it is even if the only thing you can give the bad guys is a guilty conscience, then even that's enough. But when people 'move on'... without the bad guys apologising, that implies forgiveness which in turn lets the bad guys profit on the backs of murder. Just doesn't make sense to me
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