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Originally Posted by indian-heart-beat View Post
Yes, it was a witchhunt on the first view. A cry for help on the second. I take these things very serious. I hate witchhunts, and you know from German history, why. I still think we all knew this thread would be closed. Of course! But up to then, there were some words written, and you and everybody had the chance to think and think again and make up their minds. We all learned. I did. Again, without an apology of yours I would have wanted you out. You apologized. Thank you. I apologize to you in case I did you wrong. Let's start from the beginning.

I cannot answer your question. I just can try to explain how I think/feel about some things you told me about me being part of
Ryan: You are German?
Silvia: Yes, I am German citizen living in Germany.
Ryan: You are one of those murderers!
Silvia: No.
Ryan: Yes you are German!
Silvia: I didn't murder anybody.
Ryan: I hate you German murderers!
Silvia: I am not one of those murderers!
Ryan: Your father is an ascendant of Hitler! You are one of those!
Silvia: No. Hitler is Hitler, Silvia is Silvia, Silvia thinks: Hitler was not even able to make kids with his illness, and was not old enough to be the father of all Germans.
Ryan: But you didn't do anything against Hitler!
I'd rather kill my own children before I would have supported Hitler.
Silvia thinks: I would never even think of letting anybody hurt my 3 children! He has no idea about what Hitler really did to those who didn't follow him. He ignores what doesn't fit in his concept. He just doesn't want to know... can he talk like this.
He was not there, and it is long ago. Forgiving and going on in a better way. Can't he just look forward instead of concentrating on the negative in the past????
Silvia: I was not alive yet, and my Dad was 14, his brothers
were killed, his Father was killed, and even if they were no victims, I am me and living in Germany...not a Nazi...that's a difference!
Ryan: Was this a hint that some of your family were in the SS? Just asking! I say Germans when I mean Nazis. You are German.
Silvia: I am not a Nazi!
Ryan: You are one of those. You are not the only German I hate.
I have friends though- they are Jewish. They were hunted by your people. By you.
Silvia: Not by me, not by my family!
Silvia thinks: When will he ever stop this stupid judging and assuming and prejudice?!

That's kind of like it was for me. Maybe you understand, maybe you don't. And I do not want any more discussions what you meant or not meant. This is what I understood from your posts. I am not perfect in English, but I am not a complete fool. I do not want to talk about this anymore with you! See me as Silvia or do not see me at all, that easy.
If you don't want to talk about it anymore then don't leave any posts like that. I resent that post completely and I resent you putting words in my mouth. Not once did I say you were a nazi. I said I'll never trust a german until they prove themself, because Germany had two chances and both times blew them.

Secondly... I know exactly what Hitler did to those in Germany who opposed him.

Don't resent me not trusting you... I don't resent you not trusting me.
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