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This is the first post that made me laugh out loud. Thank you

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Hey Oth. Let's consider the situations in England and surrounding areas - Scotland, Ireland.
First - Why did the Anglicans abandon the Catholics? They fought over that. Which ones are the monsters?
Henry VIII wanted his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. The Pope wasn't having it... so the Anglicans made the breakaway 'Church of England'.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Why are the Irish fighting underground against each other? Why the bombings? Who are the monsters?
The two sides are the Catholics and Protestants. The Protestant 'fighters' consist of groups like the UVF and UFF (Ulster Volunteer Force / Ulster Freedom Fighters) are loyal to the Crown and want Northern Ireland to remain part of the U.K.

The Catholics have groups such as the IRA and RIRA (Irish Republican Army / Real Irish Republican Army). They want the colonisation to end and Northern Ireland to become part of the Republic of Ireland again.

I support the ideals of the Catholics in wanting a united Ireland, but not for one second would I support their former methods. Up until the Good Friday Agreement, both sides were a bunch of murdering heathens who all should have been shot dead.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Why was there big fuss over potatoes? Were there monsters involved? Dragons?
Potatoes were the main staple of the Irish diet. Cut a long story short, due to a blight... the potato crop died out and around one million Irish basically starved to death.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Do you bow to the queen? Why is there a queen?
Absolutely not. The Royal Family is reminiscent of an era where people were judged by their social status. I don't buy into the crap about one person being better than another simply because they're related someone in history who was more savage and bloodthirsty than someone else.

There's a Queen basically because of an Anglo sense of greed... in wanting to control and have power.

Interesting point is that Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Princes William and Henry are all illegitimate... and NOT the 'rightful' Royal Family. Check out this page Great Britain’s Real Monarch The Fight And The Future

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
How come they didn't like Fergie?
Because she was a harlot with money management problems.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Was Diana's death a conspiracy?
Absolutely. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Do you really think a centuries old W.A.S.P. establishment would let a brown skinned foreigner get into the aristocracy and be connected with the Royal Family?

Personally Diana was a silly drama queen who needed a good slap in the chops, but she did use her undeserved fame for good causes with landmines n stuff.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Is that tunnel going to France an English/French brotherhood?
It was supposed to boost commerce between the commercial and financial behemoth of Londinium... and the rest of Europe. Whilst it has a bit... management of it was crap and bankruptcy has been floating around it since inception.

Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
Do the queens guards outside the palace ever get hardons when they see sexy vixens walking by? Why not? Are they gay?
It depends if a fine looking bird saunters by in the buff and then starts grinding up against his uniform. You could always fly to London and try something.

But the general consensus is that unless you pulled out a gun or tried to kill someone in view of them, it'd be easier stealing the crown jewels than getting them to move any body part except their toes.

The British Army has 'don't ask, don't tell' the same as you Yanks when it comes to homosexuals... but the reason they don't move is they're concentrating on guarding the palaces.
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