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1. American Cherokee Tribe of Texas, Lumberton
2. Cherokee Nation of Texas Limited
3. Cherokee Nation of Texas, Tsalagi Nvdagi, Troup
4. Court of the Golden Eagle, His Royal and Imperial Majesty, The Oukah, Emperor
of Tsalagi (the Kingdom of Paradise), King of the Upper Cherokees, King of the
Middle Cherokees, King of the Lower Cherokees, Keeper of the Ancient
Traditions, and Supreme God of the Sun, The Cherokee Nations, Dallas
5. Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band of Chickamauga, Jasper
6. Free Cherokees, Hummingbird Clan, Dallas
7. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Hawk Clan, Mineral Wells
8. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sequoyah Clan, El Paso
9. Southeastern Cherokee Tribe and Associated Bands, Porter
10. Sovereign Cherokee Nation-Tejas, Mesquite, Dallas
11. Texas Band of Cherokee Indians of the Mount Tabor Indian Community
12. Texas Buffalo Bayou Band of Chickamaugan Cherokee, Southern Cherokee
13. Texas Gulf Coast Cherokee and Associated Bands, New Caney

1. Cherokee Indian Descendents Organization of the Ani-Yun-Wiya, Logan
C. Sturm, 2003 Page 25 of 26
2. Colorado River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation
3. Rocky Mountain Band of Cherokee Descendents, Magna

1. Free Cherokees, Tribal Council, Springfield
2. Green Mountain band of Cherokee, Bristol
3. Sunray Meditation Society, Bristol

1. Buffalo Ridge Cherokees
2. Cherokees of Virginia, Birdtown
3. Free Cherokees, Spider Clan, Richmond
4. Inagei Tsalagi, Cherokees of Virginia, Rapidan
5. Northern Tsalagi Indian Nation
6. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Crimora
7. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Pine Log Clan, Fairfax
8. Turtle Band of Cherokee, Evington
9. United Cherokee Tribe of Virginia, Madison Heights, Letter 8/3/00

West Virginia
1. United Cherokee Tribes of West Virginia

1. Anisahani Blue Clan, Woodland
2. Free Cherokees, Four Directions Council, Toledo
3. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Haddock/Compton Clan, Vancouver

1. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy[/brown][/b]
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