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john C wrote this to me so I can understand a litle more about chickahuaga's, and believe it or not I got a post with no cussin, LOL, way to go John! this was my question:

the lost cherokee of AR never claimed to be Chickamauga, but all the sudden all these off shoots of LC are claiming to be Chickamauga and going for federal recognition, and these groups are sprouting up left and right,(if you haven't noticed) where do the Chickamauga fit into Cherokee History?

Actually KiowaKat there is no such thing as a separate tribe or a people called "Chickamauga", This was merely a term used by the Americans to distinguish between the followers of Dragging Canoe and those abiding by the peace treaties of 1777, called the Chickamauga Cherokee by colonials..

Dragging Canoe had led a group of Cherokee out of the towns of the Overhill area, after a devastating battle where the towns were destroyed to the area of Chickamauga River (South Chickamauga Creek) in the Chattanooga area, where they established eleven towns, including the one named Chickamauga. And Like I said once before it was from this time spent on these waterways that they got their name, by the Colonials who called them the Chickamauga. Just like the Oconaluftee Indians (Eastern Cherokee) lived on the banks of the Oconaluftee River.

Dragging Canoe died in 1792, and for all practical purposes so did the name Chickamauga, some of the followers of Dragging left the Nation before the Trail of tears Round up, for Arkansas settled and treated with US as a separate Group of Cherokee BUT, NOT as Chickamauga Cherokee, this is all bullshyt dreamt up by the Cherokee wannabe craze, they all left Arkansas in 1828 when the U.S decided they wanted them out of Arkansas to make room for the rednecks, they went to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma and became known as Old Settlers, cept for a few that followed the Bowl to Texas and got slaughtered...
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