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Talking What do you think about the future of southern cloth traditional?

I gotta put my two cents in on this one... I've danced southern traditional, since I could walk. I was taught that once you're initiated into a particular style of dance, that is the right that you are given, so I'll always be partical to southern traditional. Just recently, within the past couple of years, I started dancing Southern Buckskin... but I have to admit that I enjoy dancing cloth a lot more, because I have a larger variety in outfits. I'm sorry, but unlike many of the woman I've seen lately, I can't afford to change my Buckskin regalia by the days. I have madd props for those of you who can... sheesh. One thing that I've noticed, maybe it's just me, or the Arizona water... but around here, more and more people are entering southern traditional cloth, and unfortunately, they conclude that it's "easier." Which is upsetting to me... but we won't go into that. Last year was the first time I entered the woman's category... not by choice, but by old age... and it's pretty intimidating, really. These are the same women, that I've looked up to all these years, and rather than watch from afar, I'm out in the arena with them. Talk about knocking knees and sweaty palms. I'm pretty sure that we won't be seeing a drought of southern dancers... maybe just a break, while the new ones are busting out with some grace and style...
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