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Random brain cramps....spastic bouts of mental diarrhea?...
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Once upon a time...

Posted 11-23-2007 at 02:28 PM by *Brown Eyed Gurl*
...I had an uncle Billy...he was the best...he teased us and tickled us way too hard...he called us Punks and always said he wasnt gonna pass out around us cus we would "roll" him lol...we dint even know what that meant. He made us laff when he would do his "uncle Billy dance" im not sure if he was Elvis or James Brown inspired...but we liked it...Sometiems he was around and sometimes he would leave...alberta or seattle or wherever he went but he always came home eventually...when i was little i thought somthing was wrong with him cus some days he would be quiet and shy....i was so dumb then tho, i knew he drank..just dint realise that thats what made him normal to me...when i was 12 goin on 17 he saw me smoking and decided that i needed to learn to roll cigarettes the old fashioned way..dang i didnt have mad rolling skills....he did..but he laffed at my lame attempts must ahve been over an hour we sat there on the lawn...and when i moved out and in with Bren he came around our apmt for sandwiches cigs or beer bottles...i once got angry at him for commin around, it was a bad day stew was a baby then and i think i was preg with shel....i still feel really bad about that. He was also my godfather...that cracked me up..he used to always hold his hand up in the air like he was gonna backhand me lol, if i got mouthy...he wouldnta hit me tho...and he was the first person in the family to meet Bren...they met in the soon as Bren said my name and that we were dating..he told everyone in there that if they messed with 'his nephew' he was gonna beat the hell outta all of them... there was like 4 ppl in there counting them lol....when he died i was sick so i dint make it to his funeral...and i couldnt believe he was gone...the only way i could deal with it was to just think like he was gone again on another trip and that he would be back again sometime like he always was....i miss him...and his tickle torture and his cackle...and his "uncle billy shuffle"...i wish my kids remembered him....anyways heard this song and it reminded me of him....

"Put a candle in the window, cause I feel Ive got to move.
Though Im going, going, Ill be coming home soon,
long as I can see the light.

Pack my bag and lets get movin, cause Im bound to drift a while.
When Im gone, gone, you dont have to worry long,
long as I can see the light.

Guess Ive got that old travlin bone, cause this feelin wont leave me alone.
But I wont, wont be losin my way, no, no
long as I can see the light.

Yeah! yeah! yeah! oh, yeah!

Put a candle in the window, cause I feel Ive got to move.
Though Im going, going, Ill be coming home soon,
Long as I can see the light.
Long as I can see the light.
Long as I can see the light.
Long as I can see the light.
Long as I can see the light."
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