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Happy Cheyenne New Years, or did I already say that?

Posted 07-15-2015 at 04:28 AM by C&HBrownsugar
This year I spent a week with my uncle, he's an elder, about 73 I think, driving him back and forth to Seiling, OK.

In his earlier years, he used to cook for the workers, the men cleaning the grounds, putting up shades during the 1st week of ceremonies.

He can't do that anymore and he was really distressed about it. I have for a few years wanted to help him. And I had nothing going on this year, so I did.

I drove him back and forth. I had the shade built. And I cooked up there at least once a day.

Needless to say he loved it. I'm glad I got to spend that time with him. He is a grouchy kinda person. lol Honestly, it was a lot of work. Driving back and forth, the heat was going up, or it was raining cats and dogs. Sometimes we put food in overnight in a slow cooker, sometimes I woke up early after driving all night to fry up chicken or make frybread in the rain.

I know our men loved it, somewhere to go to drink ndn coffee, have a hot meal and frybread after a long day of work. My uncle got to visit with a lot of our men that were working out there in the heat, and rain. I know he enjoyed himself.

The best part was to see a lot of the younger generation out there with their dads or uncles, learning where to cut willow, how to cut willow, how to put up poles, how to lash the willow shades together. Getting to talk with them, and serve them was an honor.

To me it means our traditions will survive. Like our gourd dancing, our powwows, our war dances, or benefit dances, our memorial dances, sweats, coming into the arena dances, peyote meetings. It means a lot to me, to see the children, boys, helping their fathers, who our my age or younger, working working working.

It felt good.
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