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Happy Father's Day. Yes it's plural.

Posted 06-22-2015 at 04:22 AM by C&HBrownsugar
I want to take this time to say Happy Father's Day. To every father out there that gave life, and either walked away or stayed and are raising their children.

I only say this because my father passed away when I was 3. I really don't have that many memories of him. I remember the casket. (damn) But I do remember the streets of LA. Living in alleyways, being shuttled to foster homes until my aunt found us. (Thank you aunty Merle)

My Uncle Colonel, or Brax, (it's his last name)took us in. He told my Aunty/Mom /Rhoda, "Karma's a *****, now you need to help them." (um she never raised any kids.)

Yihhh. My dad/uncle was straight up. I loved him So much. I miss him everyday. He taught me how to cook. how to manage a home, how to be strong, how to acknowledge when I was wrong, and apologize for it. He also taught me how to say I'm sorry.

I love you dads, both of you, one for giving me birth, Hubert Youngbird, and one for instilling in me my rules and reasons for everything that I do, Colonel Dahlia Braxton.

I always terrorize my mum for the way I was raised. But honestly, it was him. Brax that raised me this way. To work hard, and keep a home, to discipline children when you come home, to demand respect.

My daddy did 26 years in the corp before he retired. He had his rules and I always followed them.

Yes I was spoiled. Beyond belief. I was daddys little girl. lol I still love him though.

He was taken too soon.
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