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Happy New Years!

Posted 06-24-2015 at 11:46 AM by C&HBrownsugar
it's almost that time of year when we renew our arrows, fast and feed. I look forward to it every year. I have been cooking for my family for the last 33 years. Since I was 9.

It was a nightmare when I was young. I was the oldest. My brothers and sisters where all younger than me. LOL Kids that young just want to play.

It felt like no one helped us, I remember putting up a small blue tarp, having one tent we all slept in. Having a wagon to go back and forth to get water. The wood was chopped and cooking out on a grill at 9 was crazy.

I'm pretty sure there were people there. I just don't It's gotten better since then. Even when I was slaving away in the heat or rain I still wanted to be there. I still want to go, even now.

Me and my uncle are headed up there today for Bluesky. My uncle turned 71 and needs a driver now to go. I'm honestly not doing nothing. So I told him that I would take him today.

I miss the smell of the wood grills, the trill of the whistles, hearing my little brother Bill sing all night. Being with my familia, seeing my kids, my nieces and nephews, my cousins. Laughing, fringing, terrorizing, teasing, tasting and making bread. It only happens once a year.

More than that, I miss my uncles, my grandmas, my cousins, my aunts that have gone on. I thought it would be emptier, yanno, every year we went. When they left us, but actually, it's not. There are more people than ever, families have expanded, it's so crowded that sometimes I complain...and then feel bad because I complained. lol feel like I need to give away. lol

I helped butcher 3 buffalo to make sure we had enough meat for our camp. We are getting commods today and planning out the menu for the camp and carry in. I'm fringing like a turtle, dang got like 4 more shawls to go.

Chatting it up with others about how we wait until the last minute. Cracking up because we all are procrastinators, some of us worse than others.

This is the last year at Seiling. They will be moving it to Watonga next year, or we might get lucky and combine our Sundances again at Concho. We all pray that we will be together again. If we are lucky.

So Happy New Years! Well early Happy New Years.

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