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When time stands still. Did you not know that?

Posted 06-22-2015 at 04:08 AM by C&HBrownsugar
Yes. Time stands still. You didn't know did you? You were so wrapped up in your world and didn't realize that time stands still.

It's true. Time stands still whenever something significant happens in your life. You just don't realize it until it's gone. And time stands still when you are motionless. Looking at your phone, reading facebook, watching videos. lol

You look up, because I do this all the time, and say, I need to do this and this and this, and then, you look down and look up again and dang, hours have passed. hmmmmm. Time stood still for you. You just didn't see it.

There is a new world. A new world of no communication between you and the younger generation. A world where you connect with family via facebook, snapchat, texting, and various other outlets.

There is a generation right now that doesn't know what a rotary phone is. lol. A generation that doesn't communicate effectively about what is going on in their lives unless emojis are added.

Is this sad? Is this bad? Nah not really. WE all do it. WE all allow it. WE all text to get things done.

Yihhhhh. We should be better than that. We should talk to them, interact, have feelings, acknowledge them, listen...

Some of us do. Some of us don't. I guess we will see, We can only hope. Hmmm yes. Hope it's not really that bad.
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