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Trails of the 2008 Princess

Posted 05-29-2009 at 07:00 PM by lilbigwoman
Well, if y'all didn't know, I was the 2008 Princess. I didn't get to travel all that much during my time serving I did however, get to represent at the world-known Pendleton Round Up. My travels last summer included Wildhorse Pow Wow, Cedar City, UT, Yakima Valley numerous times, and once to Lewiston, ID. I know I didn't get to travel as much as I wanted to, but there are times that my budget just wouldn't allow it. Mainly, I am jest blogging to appoligize to...
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Blog #2

Posted 05-15-2008 at 08:12 PM by lilbigwoman
Hmmm...I need to post another blog...and again, I'm at a loss for words...surprise surprise. Anyways, since the last blog, a lot has happened. If y'all don't know, I am the 2008 princess, but I can't start pow wow'n til July 2008 when my family has our Memorials and Rejoining. My first official appearance will be at Wildhorse Pow Wow 2008 in Pendleton, Oregon. Y'all better be there!!! From there, I dunno where all I'll be, but for sure y'all will hear about all my adventures.
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MY 1st BLOG!!!

Posted 02-26-2008 at 02:59 PM by lilbigwoman
Wow...I'm writing my first blog, but what do I blog about?

Well, a lot has happened within the last year. Well,a new thing has started up!!! I recently received the PowWows.Com Princess Role!!! I have just received my crown. So Until I have some adventure's for y'all, I guess this is all I have to blog about...for now...

For Those Who Know Me...Y'all know there's going to be sutm interesting in my blogs...*snicker*snicker*

Have a Good One Y'all!!!
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