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2007 has been some year!

Posted 12-10-2007 at 12:16 PM by marichriaddi
i can't believe its already december...its like whoa. anywho, i hit scads of powwows starting at denver march and continuing on to the rocky boy christmas powwow later this month as well as the new years powwow in mission, oregon. so yeah...powwows up the ying yang! i started this year totaling my car and staying in the hospital for three days with a broken wing. then...i got out of the hospital n went to wyoming for my grandpa leo's funeral. because of my broken wing status and no car havin ***...i lost out on two job opportunities. i had actually quit my job at head start b/c it was practically a given that i would begin a new job after the first of the yeah, that car wreck sucked. so i moped around and felt pitiful for about a month...there were times when i got all pitiful and people would tell could have been so much worse. shiet, my life could have been memorialized by a white cross along the highway. then, they told me i couldn't work out so i was really feelin bad. after a few weeks, the pain pills weren't needed and i said **** it. i'ma start dancin again. so i fancydanced away every night w/ my big ole cast on. i had also quit going out on weekends wasn't a big priority. sometimes i would dd for people but mostly...i just hung out and did homework and stuff. the fancydancing though...that was my real therapy. northern cree was my therapist. after 6 weeks, my cast was off and i had a big ole scar where my ulna had poked out but my arm didn't look skinny or anything. it looked the same. two days later, i was playin in the kyiyo tournament and even was a leading scorer for my team. sure, my arm hurt like a biznitch, but it felt great 2 play. it was about this time in february that i also scored 2 jobs as a reporter. i got 2 write stories and get paid 2 do it. i turned the stories in and would get paid for was kool 2 work whenever from my home. so yeh...things were goin good. it still sucked 2 not have a car. but by march, my lawyers hooked me up w/ a rental car that i could cruise in, so that was kool. i think i went to a powwow evry weekend from denver march til like mothers day weekend. i even got 2 go 2 gathering and dance! the whole time i was at these appreciation for life would grow. it was, life is good and i'm dancing and i'm okay and that wreck i was in really make me more aware of how precious my life is. that was kinda why i quit drinking. i was already on that path to sobriety neways, but it was that extra push. i mean..damn, i was hit by a drunk driver with a .35 BAC. i knew there were many times i was faded and driving...and thinking that i could have hurt or killed someone was...awful to think about when i lay in that hospital bed high as hell on pain meds. lol. anywho. dancing at gathering..seein all those skinds lookin beautiful...damn, i couldn't help but to simply be glad i was there. thinkin bout the people that were in another world...and appreciating their life got 2 be a pretty deep experience dancing at the powwows and even dancing at my house. so then me and my sister went to fort washakie powwow in june and got 2 see many friends! but at the same time, we didn't get 2 see all of them. but we got 2 see yeah...we go 2 arlee powwow and by golly my sister was still dancin even tho she was ready 2 pop 10 days later. people were amazed! then we kinda hung out at the lake every day in the summer! swimming everyday cuz we didn't have **** else 2 do was the best. or we'd go up 2 the mountains. ah man, itwas tight. on july 18, at 8 pm, a tornade blew through town but we didn't notice b/c at that same time, i became an auntie and i cried like a baby when i saw my beautiful niece. went 2 elmo powwow and showed her off like 2 days later lol. went 2 post falls powwow and had a blast at the 49 til like 5 in the morning. i can't believe i still danced. crazy. well...then i went 2 rocky boy powwow and...uh...well, twin boys were made. of course i didn't know then...then went 2 fort hall powwow, n by crow fair, me and the twins' daddy was breakin up. i broke up w/ him after fort hall, but we were still hangin out til crow fair...then i went to spokane powwow and it seemed hard 2 dance. i had been working out, dancing still, but it seemed harder and i thought i was just gettin out of shape, so i'd push myself harder. i was gaining weight...ugh! i couldn't figure it out. so by aug. 30, i found out i was pregnant. two weeks later, i found out it was twins...and dec. 4, i found out they are boys! so, while 2007 has been blessed for me...2008 will be even better. going to powwows will really be a neat experience as i travel w/ my lil boys and I look forward to it so much!
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