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twins of the past

Posted 06-04-2008 at 09:16 PM by marichriaddi of my favorite things 2 do is read. i like to read about science, history, people, and of course native stories from forever ago. well...i was realizing that in some of my favorite stories like the Life and Death of Sweet Medicine (a Cheyenne story in the book Native American Myths and Legends) Sweet Medicine never had no daddy and he grew to be powerful and taught the Cheyenne how to live and be respectful. Also, a Navajo story about the Hero Twins also came to my mind b/c in one story I read, they were raised by their mom b/c their dad was the sun and i guess he was too busy doing his sun thang ya know lol. but in one story, the twins go to see their dad b/c of a monster that has been raising hell. pretty much, the twins need something from their dad and once they get it, they go home, kill the monster, and ya know..keep on living w/o him. so, even waaaay back in the day, i can see that sometimes, boys grew up without a daddy and as long as the dad could help them in SOME way SOMEDAY, that was kool. so, i guess i'm comforted in knowing that...a young man w/o a daddy can still grow up to be verrrry powerful and save the world!
*i'm so corny huh* lol
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Corn at it's finest!!!!!
Posted 06-05-2008 at 02:14 AM by powwow4evr powwow4evr is offline
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