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It's Round Dance Season!!

Posted 12-03-2007 at 05:04 AM by powwow4evr
And it's Round Dance time....pow wow season be over...the roundies are here!

As you can probably tell, I been to another gooood round dance...sooo glad I went! The music is unbelievable and addicting! Still haven't figured out my round dance moves but will have it down here pretty! I can't quite figure out if I want to american style, 49 style, southern style or Canadian style..hehe. But to tell you the truth, it's a wonder I even make it through one! That is harder than it looks! My hats off to those who dance (and sing!!) alllll nite lonnnng!!

The Round Dance: Hmmm, you know, there is no grand prizes for this...there is no contest for the best singer, or best dancer, or best anything...just music, and gathering....smiling, visiting, it's like the pressure is off from the know...them little deadlines and images we all have to adhere to.....grand entry times, hair just right, outfit tied securely, knowing when to stop on time, getting "the look" just right...I could go on and on....however, the Drumflys life is basically still the same in that aspect tho, meaning:

I have to admit falling a bit short in that area as of My pow wow trail buddy (my first tape recorder) has fell ill, and my sad substitute has definitey no qualifications to step into his shoes (another tape recorder) other digital recorder went to Canada without me, and my other borrowed finery ( a mini-disk recorder) has a very important piece missing..a yeah, I don't have the equipment to carry on my trade, much to the chagrin of my fellow flies.

I do however, still possess the Drumflies love for the music....I lived to hear the songs being sung, I got to watch the camaraderie of the drummers, as they go and sing with the lead singer..again, such GOOD music.....

Many rules are in place tho, and sometimes I wonder if its best to just stay put and observe and enjoy the music, or get chased off the floor, lmao. Sometimes, tho, if you sit too long, mention will be made about the people who are just sitting there, so either or...just GO WITH THE FLOW..!!

It's the middle of winter, and the weather outside is frightful. The winds are kicking in at 40 miles an hour, and the pass on the hill top is closed. We started off amid dire warnings from the news and well wishers about storms, roads, etc...but! As we or "they" say, everything happens for a reason, and the roads were dry and the way was smooth. Oh sure it snowed and stormed, but we were all safely tucked away for the night....singing, dancing, eating, and enjoying life. So yes, we were meant to be meant to be.

Soooo, what did you do this weekend?????
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