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Let's Talk Art

Posted 11-14-2007 at 02:42 PM by Elli
Now I know there are many of you out there....Artists I mean. So give me a shout... What form of art work are you doing? Silver Jewelry? Pottery? Fetishes? Paintings? Clothing? Beading? come on now share your talents with the world. Again just who reads the blogs? here is an example of my family's work. Will you share a photo of your work.
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Posted 11-14-2007 at 10:48 AM by Nawana
Well every one this is my first blog here goes I'm getting ready for the holidays as my husband works over time again to pay for all this thanks giving, we always give lol, on top of property that needs work on, getting a water meter in as well as a etc. pole on our 3 1\2 piece on lake pomme De Terre, hopefully it will be an easy process, any way we're all going there for bomb fire and thanksgiving with friends and family, what better way to get some timber cleaned out ye , funny! got...
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Would my life make a good reality show?

Posted 11-13-2007 at 11:12 PM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

I know a lot of people are hooked on reality shows these days, there are all different kinds out there, from reality game shows like Survivor, to drama like American Chopper and Cops. Well, there is an awful lot of drama in my life, and I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching. If not, change the channel now before reading any further, because that is what I am posting, my life for the past several months.

Ever since I hve visited the White...
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keeping jubia

Posted 11-12-2007 at 06:20 PM by 2lineCarrandMorgan
keeping jubia

jubia is a tember wolf in part dont ask me which part becouses she seems mostly all but ,just for the sake of clearty we will say part ,any ways she around 7 years old and has lived with us from a cub.she like fried chicken bones and table food but she will injoy some kibbel a squarrl or a crow and once a rooster...
her hearing is quite good ,and she is loving to us.she went out to day she must have dicided that she needed to go out
.we thought she...
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were home
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Just being lazy..Lol

Posted 11-12-2007 at 04:03 PM by tanksida
Ahh.finally a day off from work!! Just chillin' watching some pow-wow videos/DVD's...Prairie Island's good...I'm going to start my research paper today...sometime...I think..Lol..ha ha ha...just started another sequin outfit to sell...and had a great weekend with my friend Tukiha.....and now back to tha' grindstone!! Time to clean the house and get some homework done...gee, which reminds me, I better make sure we don't have class tonight..Lakota II, Mr. Earl Bull Head...he's the BEST college...
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