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quicksilverwade 12-02-2004 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by Steve StopsOnTime
Two Crow Creek boys were moving to southern Calif during relocation. They get off the bus after a 3 day bus ride and they are starving. They see a cafe with a sign in the window, that says "Hot Dogs." Well the Ft Thompson boys think they are in hog heaven because they are thinking another kind of dog. They go in and get two to go and go across to a park to eat. The first Ft Thompson guy looks in his bag and throws it down in disgust. The other sioux asks, "What's the matter?" "What part did you get?"

I bet you one of these had to be a Fleury, Kirkie or a Saint John.

Tlinkamoe 12-02-2004 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by beading_4_ndnz
why are some subjects touchy?
i DON"T carry a whistle either.............................
i must be WAY out of touch with what's happening at pow wows nowdays.
back when i was dancing we just kind of took it for granted that someone might blow a whistle, if there was a really excellent drum there, and they sang songs that just made everyone shake their groove things! i mean, there were some mean singers back in my day! so, to hear a whistle, its still sends shivers up my spine! to this day, a lump comes to my throat when i see a dancer (that is fully qualified!!!!!! to blow a whistle) does so. the rest of the dancers know, something specail is happening! it beats sitting through another special! at leas the dancers can dance and some do, for the whole time the whistle is blown! well, there's me two bits.....................

This is exactly how I feel and what I mean, thank you

Snaggin_NDN 12-03-2004 02:29 AM


Originally Posted by WhoMe


I have been to a couple of powwows in your province (Peguis, Winnepeg, Sioux Valley) but have not seen a whistle made from a loon.

Exactly how do you make a whistle out of a bird?

i guess its the same way as an eagle whistle tho just out of a different bird.

Saabe 05-22-2005 09:59 PM

Originally Posted By: Lakota_winyan
Excuse me but the part about the whistle being brought into the circle by sundancers is totally false. Sundance is a ceremony and therefore the dance, the whistles, the fans, the skirts, the songs etc will never be brought into a pow wow circle. Those eagle bone whistles used by sundancers are never used in another circle besides the sundance. Those people who sundance do not go into a pow wow arena and consider themselves a whistle carrier and proceed to blow a whistle on the drum. That was never intended for that purpose. Now, maybe a person can sundance and yet carry another whistle for the pow wow but that doesn't mean he will carry the one from the sundance. Those are considered sacred items...and just because he's whistles at the pow wow doesn't mean that he has the right to an eagle whistle at the sundance either. These are sacred ceremonies and I wished you would leave them there...not bring them into these forums or like referring to us as eating dog/puppy just b/c of who we are as lakota/nakota/dakota people. Those people who are whistle carriers are not carrying a whistle to blow at a drum either, there's a whole to that then meets the eye.


Originally Posted by WhoMe


Unfortunately in powwow country, many sundance whistle carriers DO bring them into the powwow and blow them. I have heard many dancers who blew their whistles, go to the microphone and tell where they got the right to blow their whistle. The first thing that comes out of their mouths is, "I'm a sundancer. . . ."

I agree. Sundance whistles should not be blown in the powwow.

I am not sure what you meant on your last sentence. Are you talking about sundance whistle carriers?

Also nobody on this thread is accusing the Lakota/Dakota/Nakoda of being dog eaters. *L

But if the bark fits the bite . . .


~Indian Humor :rolleyes: :p

Posted by Saabe...(Anishnabeg)

Ive been a Eagle bone whistle carrier for about a year now and I learned about this Idem that I now take care of.
There are other places that you could blow eagle whistles at and that is the sweat lodge and in the Midewewin Society.
The Eagle bone whistle is use for Healing and when it is blowen on a drum it means that there is someone that needs healing in thoes ceremonies. So I heard you talk about the whistle being blow at Pow Wows...As a Whistle carrier, I would think it is a good thing. only If use the right way, for healing.

jerich 05-22-2005 11:14 PM

yah whistles are cool the only peeps that carry them around here are sundancers and crazy garlin and his brother lol there cool though it's nice to heir a whistle blastin on a blastin song togather they blast tehehhe tired long day

wyldhoss 05-24-2005 04:43 PM

the right to use a eagle whistle
just a few words on touchy subject of who can blow a whistle at a powwow...i have been a whistle keeper since i was a very young boy...it passed down to me from my late father...it is a veterans whistle...he served with the U.S army in Vietnam...i try my hardest to live a good life and keep this whistle in the best way i know how...in all the years i have held this whistle...i am now in my early30's...i have only used it twice...once when it came to me in a dream and my dream was telling me i needed to use that whistle for the people...and my family...the second time was this past March when my nephew got into a serious car accident...i blew it at a little powwow here in Saskatchewan...i used to bring the family a sense of comfort and understanding of what was going on at the time...the whistle passed down to me is to be used for the people...for when our men were at war all they had was these sacred objects to help them through as the eagle is known as a messager of the creator...i also sundance and i do not brag about it...'cos it is a hard life to maintain...i have a whistle for sundance too...when you use an eagle whistle you are taking on alot of responsibility...you take on the hurt the people are feeling at the time...also you bringing good feelings to where ever you are...one more thing i have to comment on...i never call myself a whistle carrier...as i do not carry this whistle... it carries me...it is a right that sometimes gets abused...but what can you say to the abuser...it is themselves that have to deal with it down the road...

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